Cryptocurrency robot trading advisor, Alphacat, has released a user guide for its newly launched ACAT Store (optimized for mobile devices).  The store currently provides price forecasts in a 45-minute window for four leading cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, EOS, and NEO. Alphacat plans to add products that are focused on technical analysis, risk management, and other advice suitable for longer-term traders to its store in the future.

Alphacat claims that its forecasts are produced by combining its Pipelined Recurrent Neural Network and Long Short-Term Memory artificial intelligence algorithms. It recommends that users try its product to help time their market entries and exits, and assess probable levels of volatility.

Alphacat notes that its forecasts of cryptocurrency markets are probabilistic, meaning that individual forecasts represent a range of possible outcomes. This means that capturing any advantage that Alphacat forecasts provide may require multiple trades, because some of its predictions are expected to be incorrect.

The guide aims to help prospective users understand how to best interpret and deploy the Alphacat forecasts. Alphacat currently gives three free predictions per day to users that have registered on its site.

More information on the Alphacat project can be found by following the links below.