Alphacat, which claims to be the world’s first robot adviser marketplace focused on cryptocurrencies, has released its roadmap for 2018.

Alphacat’s roadmap offers a snapshot of what the company is working on over the next 10 months, with a focus on its key objectives and deliverables for the marketplace.

Work so far

At the start of the year in January, Alphacat focused on research and development by expanding its technology, algorithm and internet teams. In February, Alphacat concluded the alpha testing for its single currency forecasting engine. The forecasting engine passed its tests, and was moved to the next stage of development.

In March, Alphacat opened its 2C application beta tests for its forecasting engine. The beta tests were only partially opened to a handful of participants.

With the success of its single currency forecasting engine, 2018 will see Alphacat extending its existing infrastructure with a second-level database, an API, and over 10 new applications based on engine development.

Roadmap for rest of the year

Here’s what the next 10 months looks like for Alphacat:

  • A second-level database will be released in Q2, 2018 for digital assets
  • Alphacat’s beta app store will be online at the end of Q2, 2018
  • 3 or more financial engines and over 10 applications will be released in Q3, 2018
  • Developer APIs will be live in Q4, 2018

Alphacat is a decentralized quantitative investment platform built on the NEO blockchain. It claims to be powered by AI and driven by big data. Alphacat’s features include a predictive robot marketplace for investors and surveyors, with robots built by engineers based on the thesis of ‘architects’.

With Alphacat, people can trade tokens, design algorithms, and survey that market using non-obvious financial inputs. Overall, the platform helps people to make better decisions based on contextual information about financial markets.

You can view the roadmap announcement at the below link –

By Matthew North