APEX recently released version 1.0 of the APEX Wallet. The mobile application has been released for both iOS and Android, and a desktop wallet will be available closer to the launch of MainNet (expected to take place in Quarter 1 of 2019). The desktop application will have infrastructure to support voter nodes and data nodes. APEX’s TestNet is planned to launch in Quarter 4 of 2018.

In the v1 release of the mobile wallet application, main features will include:

  • Multi-wallet management from one device,
  • Key storage and mnemonic recovery,
  • Support for all NEP-5 tokens,
  • Ability to send and receive assets,
  • Asset transfers via QR-code,
  • Wallet management and backup,
  • Ability to import existing wallets, and
  • Personal data attributes through the distributed hash table (DHT) cloud.

Future releases are expected to have support for the following features:

  • ERC20 token support,
  • GAS claiming support,
  • Cross-blockchain multi-wallet management,
  • Reward redemptions across the APEX Ecosystem, and more.

The development team plans to release a feedback form that will allow users to report recommendations, comments, or bugs they might’ve experienced whilst using the wallet.

Visit the original article to see an overview of installing and setting up the wallet below:

To download the wallet, visit APEX Network’s downloads page listed below:

Though the APEX Network team assure that the wallet is safe, it recommends transferring small amounts of CPX or NEP-5 tokens when first using the application, so the user can safely familiarize themselves with the wallet.

For more information about APEX Network visit the following links.