On November 28th, APEX Technologies attended the 2018 Future Mobility Innovation conference in Shanghai. The APEX blockchain infrastructure aims to provide consumer business-to-customer (B2C) interactions with privacy and ownership of data, interactive consumer experiences, and a connectivity of value.

At the conference, APEX Technologies was selected as one of the Top 10 “Outstanding Vehicle Big Data Service Provider[’s]” of 2018. To be placed on the list, companies were judged on “performance of auto customer data analysis, personalized marketing and refined operation in recent years.”

APEX Technologies provides car companies with closed-loop data solutions, which entails data collection and analysis, application of the data, and feedback. APEX seeks to integrate and use customer behavior data to “help companies achieve comprehensive customer experience upgrades.”

As “smart travel,” and vehicle-to-vehicle/vehicle-to-infrastructure communication begins to take effect, more customer data is expected to be generated. APEX Technologies data solutions seek to manage new data and information about the entire “customer life cycle, post-sale, as well as pre-sale.”

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