Aphelion and Asura Coin, two NEO projects, have formed a partnership in light of the upcoming Asura Coin token sale. The partnership will allow users of Aphelion desktop wallets to participate in Asura’s token generation event on June 2nd using the “Participate in ICO” feature.

In an announcement made by Asura Coin, the team states that the partnership intends to make it the “simplest, safest and fastest way to participate in the ICO.”

To register for Asura Coin’s token sale, users can apply to be whitelisted for the event here. The whitelist process involves filling out KYC information to be eligible for participation in the event.

Asura Coin is creating what it calls the “world’s first self-sustainable eSports platform.” The platform will feature community events, tournament hosting, living streaming and betting all in one place.

To power the Asura Coin ecosystem, it will mint ASA tokens with a hard cap of 12 million, with 65% of those tokens allocated to the fundraising event. In addition to purchasing ASA tokens, users can earn tokens by referring their friends to the platform, betting on the outcome of eSports tournaments, winning tournaments themselves and many other ways.

The minimum investment to participate in the event is 1 NEO.

More information on Asura and Aphelion can be found at the links below.