Aphelion has launched its decentralized trading platform on the NEO TestNet. Aphelion aims to enable token trading in a decentralized and trustless environment using its Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (DEAL).

Trading functionality is built into the Aphelion Wallet, which the project claims is the “world’s first wallet based DEX.” Users will be able to trade tokens directly from their wallet interface without having to visit an external trading platform.

Users who would like to try the trading platform will need to download v2.0.2 of the Aphelion Wallet and toggle to TestNet in the settings. The initial version only allows for trading of GAS/ATI (Aphelion Trading Initiative), and TestNet GAS or APH tokens will be required to trade. Aphelion are distributing TestNet APH on its Telegram, but are aiming to integrate a button to request TestNet tokens directly from the wallet.

Aphelion acknowledge there are currently still some issues with the software, but are “working around the clock” to fix them. Also, as the platform is running on TestNet, performance may be slower than normal as TestNet blocks do not update as fast as MainNet. Aphelion may switch to their own TestNet prior to deploying to the NEO MainNet.

Aphelion invite the community to provide feedback so it can “quickly update fixes and move into mainnet to finally provide the fastest, cheapest and safest way to trade.”

The Aphelion Wallet v2.0.2 featuring TestNet DEX can be downloaded from the below link.

More information on Aphelion can be found at the links below.