Aphelion has published update v2.25 to its Aphelion Desktop wallet and decentralized exchange (DEX) for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The DEX is finishing up its beta development on the NEO TestNet and has now integrated a revenue sharing mechanism to redistribute spent trading fees.

APH Commitment

In a process similar to staking, APH tokens held by investors can be sent and “committed” to the Aphelion smart contract. By doing so, investors become eligible for a portion of the exchange’s revenue. Aphelion has also added a “compound” function to recommit newly earned APH revenues. 80 percent of the APH collected as DEX fees will be redistributed to APH holders who have committed their tokens.

Other improvements to the wallet include a new Windows installer, multiple language support, UI fixes, and support for Master Contract Token transactions. Optional GAS transaction fees were also added to give important transactions priority when the NEO blockchain is congested.

Upcoming Roadmap

The Aphelion DEX is expected to go live on the NEO MainNet at the end of August. After this, exchange support is planned for Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens, and the DEX will be integrated into Aphelion’s mobile wallet software.

New users who would like TestNet APH to try the wallet’s new functions can visit the admins of the Aphelion Telegram to get started.

More information on the Aphelion project can be found in the links below.