The Aphelion project, which is creating a wallet and peer-to-peer decentralized exchange (DEX) on the NEO blockchain, has released an update to its desktop wallet software. The latest update is the fifth in three weeks. Aphelion is working to prepare its DEX smart contract for a September launch on NEO’s MainNet.

Desktop Development

On September 19th, Aphelion founder Ian Holtz stated via Telegram “we have been focusing mostly on desktop because that is where the TestNet DEX is at and where we will be launching [the MainNet DEX]. With that being said, we are actually in process of pushing some big updates to mobile.” He clarified that updates and DEX access will migrate to the mobile and web wallets.

Holtz further stated Aphelion is waiting for the completion of an external security audit of the contract and bytecode before publishing to the NEO MainNet.

Aphelion Desktop 2.6.5

The latest release includes numerous bug fixes, improvements to smart contract deposit and withdrawal functions, better integration of network fees, and various user interface (UI) improvements. Of particular note is a solution that splits GAS UTXOs when a GAS transaction fee has been selected to prioritize the transaction during periods of high activity on NEO. This allows for multiple transactions on the same block, and allows the DEX to stay functional during periods of congestion.

The full update list for 2.6.5 can be found at the following link:

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