Decentralized exchange (DEX) project, Aphelion, has continued to add to its roster by releasing a web-based NEO wallet designed for mobile platforms. Users can now create wallets with encrypted keys, send and receive NEO, GAS and NEP-5 assets, browse recent transactions, claim GAS, and view their NEO portfolio from a mobile browser.

The Aphelion web wallet has the same features as its app-based NEO wallet which is currently available for Android. Aphelion’s mobile wallets do not have access to the Aphelion DEX, which is currently undergoing development on the NEO TestNet. Users wanting to try the DEX will need to use the Aphelion desktop wallet at this time. DEX-based trading will be added to the mobile platforms after its smart contract is published on the NEO MainNet.

Aphelion also reports that its iOS wallet is still awaiting approval from Apple. Until the Aphelion app joins the Apple Store, the web-based wallet may be used on Apple phones.

The web-based walled can be accessed at the below link:

More information on the Aphelion project can be found in the links below.