On Monday, October 7th, Aphelion disabled trading for all markets on its non-custodial exchange, except for the NEO/GAS trading pair. At the time of publishing there has been no official announcement coupled with the suspension in trading.

Users attempting to use the exchange, are met with the message: “The market is currently closed for trading. Please use the controls below to cancel your orders and withdraw your funds from the contract back to your wallet.”

Source: Aphelion

Prior to the suspension, Aphelion traded 16 different NEP-5 tokens against NEO, GAS, SDUSD, and APH markets.

The last official update from Aphelion was on September 3rd via its Twitter account, which stated the platform had upgraded to v.4.1.0 and integrated ERC-20 token support into its wallet. The Aphelion wallet also supports BTC and NEO-based assets.

Before the Twitter announcement, Aphelion’s last update of significance was the integration of Bitcoin support into its wallet, on August 5th.

At the time of press, there is no further information on when the non-custodial exchange will re-open markets beyond the NEO/GAS pair.