On the 15th of January, Aphelion published its weekly report on the progress of its decentralized exchange. The platform claims to have had steady growth in users passing KYC and has deployed updates to make the trading experience “as fast and stable as possible.”

The updates came in the form of a new wallet release, with version 3.3.7 released for desktop and mobile devices. The newest version can be downloaded here.

Overall, Aphelion claims that its DEX re-activation has gone “fairly smoothly” and that users have reported a positive experience from using the platform.

Aphelion also outlined its current initiatives under development, with the first being the release of its API documentation. The exchange’s API is claimed to have been integrated into popular tools such as CoinGecko, Blockfolio, and Delta app – although some adjustments need to be made before the team will release it publicly. The API is due for release by the end of January.

Aphelion’s next milestone, the instant matching engine is also under development. Once live, the matching engine will apparently enhance the platform’s performance.

The on-chain matching engine is due to be completed by the end of Q1 and will require the release of a new smart contract, while its cross-chain implementation will be released in Q2. Users who have been approved for KYC will be migrated to the new smart contract and integrated matching engine.

In addition to the above, Aphelion has also prioritized its first cross-chain integration, which would allow users to trade assets outside of the NEO ecosystem. The exact details for Aphelion’s cross-chain integration have yet to be announced.