At the end of the November, Asura Coin released its quarterly report, its first since shifting from the monthly report model. In the Q4 2018 report, highlights include an update on the esports market, coin airdrops and listings, product development and an updated roadmap.

Asura World reports it has been working on building relationships within the esports realm. In an effort to minimize expenditures, the team has been solely focussing on Oceania and China. Asura Coin CEO, Peter Shen, has also been meeting with the New Zealand E-Sports Federation (NZESF) to discuss the country’s development and regulation of the esports industry.

In an effort to alleviate fiscal stresses of the current market, Asura Coin will be traveling to China and Korea in December to meet with investors. The project is seeking $1 million to go towards development, marketing, and building partnerships to establish Asura World as a platform and brand.

In October, Asura Coin was listed on Switcheo, but the team has stated they will not seek listing on any further exchanges and instead focus efforts on development.

Platform Development

The Asura World platform is developed entirely on MongoDB and incorporates a wallet via neon-js. As the launch date for “mechanism 1” approaches, the team has been testing wallet adoption, depositing, withdrawing, community points, and security on TestNet.

The design of “mechanism 2” needs to be entirely redone, as there were “responsive issues” that arose with various mobile phones. Beyond the design revamp, the team has been testing tranquil betting, real-time betting, match-scheduling, and different APIs.

For data hosting, the project recently left Alibaba Cloud and moved to Amazon Web Services.

If users would like to contribute to the Asura Coin forum, the interface has been redesigned and Community Points (CP) have been introduced. CP uses an algorithm to detect spam, foul language, and repetitive responses. Collected CP can be redeemed for Asura Coin or other exclusive benefits.


In an effort to minimize costs, Asura Coin has updated its roadmap to reflect the slower pace of development. The team claims it has worked hard to keep to the schedule for “odd statistics” so as to “seamlessly plugin all the odds and launch mainnet shortly after testnet.”

In the Q4 of 2018, Asura World will begin to test betting on the TestNet, odds, and Asura World UX functions.

In Q1 of 2019, the launch of Asura World betting is tentatively planned with Dota 2 and League of Legends implementation. Additionally, Twitch live streaming is scheduled to begin.

In Q3 of 2019, Asura World aims to migrate its Tournament Mechanism to the blockchain, and test host its first tournament.

The full Asura Coin quarterly report can be viewed at the following link: