Singapore-based Business Data Network (BDN), who aims to build a global business data ecosystem that gives consumers control over their own data, has announced an art contest to finish its NEO Community Reward Program. An additional 8,600 BDN has been allocated to the art contest winners.

Art Contest

To participate in BDN’s “Art Piece Contest”, contestants will need to Photoshop the BDN logo from into a piece of creative artwork, and upload it on Twitter, tagging @BDN_Network and including the hashtags #Blockchain, #BusinessDataNetwork, #BDN, and #Cryptocurrency. Creativity is emphasized.

Voting on submissions will take place November 1st through November 11th. The first place submission will recieve 5,000 BDN tokens with an additional 3,600 BDN spit amongst lower ranking submissions.

The deadline to enter the Art Piece Contest is October 31st, 2018.

BDN’s full contest announcement can be viewed at the following link:

More information about Business Data Network can be found through the links below.