Binance users will soon be able to trade Flamingo’s FLM token against BTC, BNB, BUSD, and USDT. The cryptocurrency exchange has announced markets will open on Monday, September 28th, 2020 at 7:00 UTC in the Binance “Innovation Zone”.

The listings make Binance the first exchange to support FLM trading. Currently in the “Mint Rush” phase, Flamingo is rewarding users in FLM for staking supported tokens in its Vault contract. Flamingo’s TVL (total value locked) of assets currently exceeds US $1.5 billion.

Flamingo will allow users to begin claiming accrued FLM as of 5:00 UTC on September 28th, two hours before Binance markets open.

Neo Global Development has warned that high transaction volumes are expected and that users should attach adequate GAS to transactions if they wish to make early claims.

Binance will enable FLM deposits and withdrawals at the same time FLM claiming begins.

Total Value Locked: US $1.5 Billion

The total value of assets staked in Flamingo’s Vault or via centralized exchanges currently exceeds US $1.5 billion dollars.

Total staked assets are listed below along with their CoinMarketCap valuation as of 23:30 UTC, September 27th, 2020:

  • 18,955,000 NEO @ $21.04 each  (US $398,813,200)
  • 8.54% of Uniswap’s $482,770,752 WBTC-ETH liquidity pool  (US $41,228,622)
  • 286,160 ETH @ $355  (US $101,586,800)
  • 17,458 wBTC @ $10,743  (US $187,551,294)
  • 216,631,942 USDT @ $1.00  (US $216,631,942)
  • 65,758,302 ONT @ $0.66  (US $43,400,479)
  • 10,400,749 BNB @ $26.12  (US $271,667,563)
  • 140,356,103 BUSD @ $1.00  (US $140,356,103)
  • 26,195,048 OKB @ $6.16  (US $161,361,495)

The total USD value of the above assets was US $1,562,597,498 at press time.

Binance’s full listing announcement can be viewed at the following link: