The BlaCat gaming platform has announced another title that will launch on the platform, the multiplayer strategic war game Imperial Throne. The game, which was initially developed for the Ethereum blockchain, allows players to become lords who can bid for land, mine tokens and recruit soldiers before declaring war against other lords.

Imperial Throne Token

When first starting the game, players will find themselves acting as tribe leaders who can mine the native asset ITT (Imperial Throne Token), recruit soldiers, and participate in wars. After acquiring a piece of land using an in-game auction system, players will become lords.

Lords have a larger range of actions, including the ability to initiate new wars or rent out land for tribe leaders to mine. The mining process will account for 60% of ITT distribution, which is distributed to players proportionately. The production mechanism is dynamic, with higher rewards for mining early on.


Any lord can declare war against another lord, which consist of four stages; declaration, troop station, attack and end phase. War results are calculated based on army arrangements and a soldier type ‘food chain’ (spearman suppresses cavalry, cavalry suppresses archer, archer suppresses spearman). The winning party will receive a share of plundered ITT, and losing three consecutive wars will result in the land being sold by auction.

Soldiers may be trained one at a time in the barracks at a cost of 1 ITT per soldier, which takes one hour). Alternatively, they may be purchased from an in-game marketplace at prices designated by the player base.

More detailed information on mining ITT, marketplace functionality and war phases may be found in the whitepaper.

The Imperial Throne website can be found here.