At the 2018 Future Business Ecolink Conference held in Shenzhen, China, BlaCat CEO Sean Chen participated in an interview focused on gaming over blockchain. Sean highlighted the current poor user experience as the biggest barrier to adoption, and outlined the various ways that BlaCat aims to improve the user experience and become the industry leader.

The BlaCat platform is a dApp and software development kit based on NEO, which aims to provide the required infrastructure to support gaming on blockchain. The core of BlaCat is comparable to “a distributed transaction engine that encrypts and seals transaction and then saves it in a time-ordered distributed ledger.”

Data is written to the blockchain via the BlaCat dApp, from sources such as smart contracts or human-computer interaction. As interaction with the dApp requires a public/private key pair, BlaCat has created a digital wallet that will act as the interface for normal users.

Embedded Wallet

The BlaCat wallet acts as the core of the user experience, allowing users to complete transactions in different currencies and manage any virtual assets without requiring any additional software. This wallet may be embedded within games on the platform, creating a consistent user experience and streamlining the development process for game developers.

The BlaCat wallet will also be home to the decentralized trading interface, where virtual assets may be exchanged with other players. The BlaCat wallet has already been integrated into multiple games from the NEO game competition and has completed the beta testing stage.


BlaCat also aims to reduce the complexity for game developers that wish to integrate blockchain into their works. This will be achieved through the release of an SDK (software development kit) that allows developers to access the BlaCat platform.

According to CEO Sean Chen, the BlaCat platform will also provide free promotional services to game developers, helping them find players for their games. By reducing the cost and difficulty of development with the SDK, and offering free game promotion, BlaCat hopes to encourage more game studios to explore the potential benefits offered by blockchain.


Although the ability to process a large number of transactions per second is an important trait of any blockchain, BlaCat has elected to prioritize response speed to better serve gamers. ZoroChain is a NEO sidechain that has been customized with the goal of enabling high-performance gaming over blockchain.

BlaCat founder Sean Chen outlined three key features of ZoroChain, which in principle will equip it with the tools required to provide a seamless experience for all gamers on the platform:

Application Chain Group

Each game dApp on the BlaCat platform will be deployed to its own application chain, which runs in parallel to ZoroChain. By having separate application chains handling transactions for each game, BlaCat hopes to circumvent congestion issues and reduce transaction confirmation times.

Instant Block Generation

Unlike most blockchains, application chains on BlaCat will generate blocks with milliseconds between them. By using a fast consensus algorithm, the team aims to provide fast responses to transaction requests which can then be settled via ZoroChain.

Expandable Smart Contract Virtual Machine

By allowing the smart contract virtual machine to be expanded with plugins, new functionality can be added over time as new ideas and requirements are uncovered. All plugins will be examined and supervised by the community to ensure the VM remains a secure environment for smart contract execution.