Bridge, a suite of tools for blockchain business processes, has announced its Bridge Ambassador Program, April 10th. The Bridge Ambassador Program will airdrop Bridge’s IAM tokens to students to further the awareness and potential use cases of blockchain technology. The program aims to encourage students to learn about the new jobs the blockchain can provide.

Each ambassador (student) will receive the following:

  • 2,000 IAM tokens on the 1st of each month.
  • A portrait photo featured on that links to their Linkedin profile.
  • A unique 4-digit referral code. Each sign up that uses their referral code will receive 200 IAM tokens after completing the Ambassadors form that can be found here.
  • As a bonus, each referral an ambassador introduces to the platform will receive an extra 100 IAM tokens. The bonus is capped at 50 sign ups per month to ensure quality and honesty.

To qualify for the ambassador program, students need a .edu email address. Each email and NEO address can only sign up and participate once for airdrop tokens.

If students would like to join as an Ambassador, they can email Bridge at In the email, students will need to supply their Linkedin profile, university of attendance and major of study. Successful applicants will be contacted by Bridge if approved and assigned an identifier to start sharing and earning bonuses.

It should be noted that the Bridge team reserves the right to modify rules and guidelines at any time. The program will run until otherwise noted.

More details about the Ambassadors program can be read here.

The Bridge Protocol interfaces with the NEO framework to allow users to manage, protect and use sensitive information in new ways. At present, Bridge is building a new standard for whitelists to provide participation in multiple ICOs through the issuance of Bridge certificates. Bridge certificates are issued on pre-set classifications, with users granted permissions to participate through their public addresses. The certificate’s tier functionality provides access to contracts for all ICOs and marketplace agreements.

Bridge’s internal IAM tokens allow access to storefronts for legal contracts, ICO templates, development opportunities and microservices.