Bridge Protocol, a suite of tools for blockchain processes, has released a preview of its mobile application and announced its new chief systems architect, Alex Guba. The announcements were made as part of a community post on May 18th.

For investors, the Bridge Protocol streamlines the KYC and whitelist process for participating in token sales. Using the Bridge Identity Management System, users can share and store their private information with token sale operators. The Bring Your Own Key feature controls what and how the data is shared.

The Bridge Protocol Identity Access app will make it easy for mobile users to control their digital identities. People can also submit KYC documents from within the app and maintain their credentials from within the application.

You can see a screenshot of what the app looks like so far below.

Alex Guba joined Bridge Protocol as the Chief Systems Architect. Alex is a member of the City of Zion, a NEO development community, and maintainer of  neo-sharp, a node implementation for the NEO blockchain. You can read more about Alex’s experience here on his Linkedin profile.

More information can be found on Bridge at the following links.