City of Zion have posted an article titled “Guidelines for Responsible Token Sales”, on their “Proof of Working” Medium account, which functions as a CoZ community magazine.

Many NEO enthusiasts look to City of Zion to ‘endorse’ or ‘approve’ new projects, which is just not possible, nor should be expected in a decentralised ecosystem. In this light, the article seeks to empower investors to make better informed decisions on projects, in an effort to help discourage fraudulent or poorly conceived token sales.

City of Zion outline 10 qualities to look for when evaluating a token sale –

1) Working demo or proof-of-concept
2) Understanding of core technology
3) Transparent team
4) Company structure
5) Well-defined and realistic roadmap
6) Explicit allocation of funds
7) Public audit of the smart contract (SC)
8) Avoid explicit advertising campaigns
9) Fair token distribution
10) Responsible claim of involvement or endorsement

The article, which is a recommended bookmark for all crypto enthusiasts, expands upon in this list in greater detail and can be accessed here –