City of Zion have published a report outlining the NEO network’s performance under the stress of increased transactions generated by the RPX ICO. The inaugural token sale held on the NEO blockchain on October 9th saw Red Pulse raise 405,844 NEO. The general conclusion was that the network continuted to operate efficiently with minimal impact, even under extreme network events.

Among the key observations were –

Smart Contract Invocations:

  • A total of 13,966 smart contracts invocations were executed on the NEO network over this time period, of which, nearly all called the RPX smart contract method `mintTokens`.
  • A total of 543,348,500 RPX tokens were successfully minted and transferred to user accounts, totalling 10,097 smart contract executions.

Crowdsale statistics:

  • A successful `mintTokens` execution used around 1043 VM operations, while an execution that resulted in a refund used 809 VM operations. Within the hour and six minutes that the token sale was active, a total of 12,296,409 VM operations were executed.
  • A total of 9,575 unique addresses participated in the RPX ICO. Half of these, approximately 4,800 unique addresses, participated through CoZ’s Neon wallet.
  • The top 3 blocks with the most transactions were block 1445025 (3,242 transactions), block 1444902 (2,951 transactions), and block 1444903 (1609 transactions).

City of Zion and the NEO Council will continue to monitor and perform upgrades to further increase the NEO network efficiency.

You can read the full report at this link –