Coupit has released a preview of the pre-alpha version of its e-commerce marketplace platform. Currently, Coupit only has a video demo of the marketplace, though the team is putting the final touches on a version that will be listed on the Google Play Store on Tuesday, October 9th.

The Coupit demo video highlights its platform’s “deal” and “hot deals” page, as well as the menu that allows users to switch between categories of retail goods for purchase. There will be a menu item that provides users with the opportunity to compare products, as well as view orders and returns.

When shopping for an item, users can search for a specific item, or browse within a category of retail goods. As shopping is done through the mobile portal, users will be able to add their purchases to a shopping cart, which can be viewed by selecting the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. To checkout, participants will be able to either select “checkout as a guest” or “register and checkout.”

Coupit welcomes feedback about its marketplace platform from its users.

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