COZ has announced the release of its new Neo3 Preview Explorer, now live at The explorer release is “intended to help the community explore the platform and become more familiar with Neo3 features” and is poised to eventually become the new

The explorer allows users to observe the liveliness of the Neo3 preview TestNet, and also includes information on Neo3 features and relevant articles. Developers may find the explorer useful for testing transactions, smart contract invocations, and finding information such as raw and disassembled scripts. COZ states that the explorer will also soon support contract manifest data and notifications.

Neo3 Preview Explorer

Speaking with NEO News Today, COZ co-founder Tyler Adam said:

“Sending links to transactions is the quintessential means of communicating on-chain activity. We use it to communicate transfers of value, debug contracts, and even audit network stability. In many cases, its the first stop when trying understanding the network state. Block explorers are also often the first exposure that someone has to a new blockchain so its critical to provide a quality experience that is representative of the ecosystem. For these reasons, we have chosen to deploy an explorer as our first project in the Neo3 ecosystem. We look forward to growing the platform features quickly over the coming months to support the needs of the community.”

COZ also encourages developers to download the Neo3 CLI and begin exploring the changes from Neo 2.0; the latest version can be downloaded here. It has also included a tutorial intended for developers who would like to spin up a Neo3 PrivateNet.

The Neo3 Preview Explorer announcement can be found at the below link: