COZ has released Neon wallet v2.18.0, which includes several key enhancements and bug fixes, notably the integration of Neo’s native name service, NeoNS.

NeoNS integration

NeoNS, or Neo Name Service, is a decentralized naming system built on the Neo blockchain. It facilitates the mapping of machine-readable identifiers, such as N3 addresses, NeoFS shared links, and other metadata, to simpler, human-readable names. Examples of these translations could include “neonewstoday.neo” or “mywallet.neo.”

The incorporation of NeoNS into Neon wallet allows users to perform transfers to other wallets by entering a NeoNS domain as the receiving address, as opposed to the traditional wallet addresses.

Other Updates in v2.18.0

Beyond the integration of NeoNS, the v2.18.0 update of Neon wallet features several other improvements, including:

  • The ability for WalletConnect deep linking to operate from a closed app state.
  • A bug fix resolving issues related to NFT transfers on Ledger devices.
  • A bug fix associated with the chain switch feature.
  • A refactoring of the contacts feature.

Following the release of v2.18.0, COZ deployed a hotfix (v2.18.1) to resolve a type error that was causing crashes in the activity tab under certain conditions.

Update Availability

The v2.18.0 and v2.18.1 updates are available for desktop and Android users. An update for the iOS platform is expected shortly.

A comprehensive overview of all the changes and improvements in Neon Wallet v2.18.0 and v2.18.1 can be found on GitHub: