COZ, a global community development group supporting the NEO ecosystem, has released version 2.2.1 of the Neon light wallet for the NEO blockchain. Neon Wallet is an open-source desktop NEO wallet available for the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

New Features

Neon Wallet version 2.2.0 went live on April 18th, 2019, and was patched to version 2.2.1 with a hotfix the following day.

New features in the releases include:

  • Automated exports of a wallet’s transaction data into .CSV format;
  • Increased support for loading script hashes of tokens;
  • Addition of a “universal catch all error boundary” using React 16;
  • Hotfix for certain NEP-5 token transfers;
  • Hotfix for export of transaction history to .csv files.

Error Boundaries

Error boundaries are used in the JavaScript programming language to gracefully handle, contain, and recover from errors in the application code.

The React JavaScript library, which is designed for building user interfaces, explains in their documentation: “Error boundaries are React components that catch JavaScript errors anywhere in their child component tree, log those errors, and display a fallback UI instead of the component tree that crashed.”

Neon Wallet version 2.2.1 is available to download at the following link: