COZ has updated the Android and iOS versions of Neon Wallet Mobile to add support for WalletConnect. The upgrade makes it easy for users to connect their N3 wallets with applications that support WalletConnect integration.

After updating to the latest release, users will find a new Connections tab which facilitates the connection process. The phone camera can be used to scan a WalletConnect connection QR code, or the user can manually paste a connection URL string.

Additionally, users can also login using the deeplink connection button. This option will automatically open the Neon mobile wallet application and begin the login process by handling the connection URL input.


Once the connection is approved in the wallet, dApps can be interfaced with as normal. Whenever an action is required from the wallet owner—such as to provide a transaction signature—a prompt will open in Neon Wallet Mobile which details the operation and allows it to be approved or rejected.

Several applications in the Neo N3 ecosystem have already added support for WalletConnect, allowing their services to be used from Neon Wallet Mobile. Flamingo Finance, GhostMarket, NeoBurger, and COZ’s QuickVote tool can now be easily used from mobile devices.

COZ commemorated the launch by revitalizing its social media presence. In addition to the main @coz_official account, the team will operate separate profiles for the PROPS project and user-facing products such as Dora and Neon Wallet (dubbed the Essentials Suite). These profiles can be found at @coz_props and @coz_essentials respectively and will help COZ better target its initiatives to their respective audiences and allow the official page to be used for institutional content.

The new versions of Neon Wallet Mobile for Android and iOS can be found at the links below:
Play Store:
App Store: