By NewEconoLabs

Collect gladiators and build the ultimate fighting team on NewEconoLab's forthcoming NEO blockchain powered game.

What is CryptoGladiator?

CryptoGladiator is an HTML5 game where players collect gladiators with unique appearances and abilities through market transactions and cloning. Gladiators can be taken into the arena to participate in competitions to win prizes.

CryptoGladiator is being developed by NewEconoLabs (NEL), a Chinese based NEO community development group, who have recently announced the incubation of a gaming community platform.

CryptoGladiator combines blockchain technology with traditional game elements. Every character is unique and can be traded through the game marketplace. It also includes multiple modes of war and community elements such as the ability to invite friends.


NEL are aiming for a Q2 2018 release, and the game will be available in both Chinese and English.


  • Characters

    Players can build up a roster of gladiators, each with their own unique attributes.

    Players have 100% ownership of their gladiators, which exist on the blockchain as a digital asset. Gladiators have attributes such as skills, weapons, and appearances. The aim of CryptoGladiator is to build the best combination of gladiators to win battles and advance through the game.

    Gladiators can be traded on the market. Players can set their own prices based on the attributes and feature rarities of each character. Gladiators with high attributes will have a higher collection value than those with low attributes.

  • Battle Attributes

    Each gladiator has a base set of attributes that will determine how effective they are in battle.

    The amount of health points a gladiator has. When it reaches zero, the gladiator is defeated.

    The damage output of a gladiator.

    The speed at which a gladiator can perform a combo.

    The higher a gladiator's agility, the harder it is for an opponent to land hits. They can also strike with more precision.

    Gladiators are equipped with different weapons to inflict damage.

    Gladiators have different skills to enhance their combat effectiveness.

  • Genetic Attributes

    Each gladiator will have a set of inherited genetic attributes that will influence their ability to clone new gladiators.

    Each gladiator will have its own unique appearance.

    The two gladiators that provided the source genes.

    Clone CD
    The cool down time required between producing clones.

    Cloned offspring
    Gladiators the character has cloned.


The cloning function allows players to combine the genes of two gladiators to create a new gladiator. The new gladiator will inherit genes from the source gladiators, and may even mutate its own special genes to obtain better characteristics. Players can use the market to sell cloning rights to other players, allowing for generation of new gladiators with carefully picked genes.

Players can purchase the first generation gladiators sold by the system in the Gen 0 category. Gen 0 gladiator’s clone CD is shorter, allowing more gladiators to be cloned faster.

GAS Token

GAS will be the currency of CryptoGladiator. GAS can be used to pay for battle entry fees and marketplace activities.

Players can gain GAS by selling their gladiators or cloning rights on the marketplace, by winning battles and participating in activities, and by exchanging NEO through the currency exchange system.

Enter the Arena

CryptoGladiator is a game of strategy, featuring automatic combat gameplay. The key to winning battles is not only collecting the strongest gladiators, but also strategically configuring optimal lineups based on the strengths and weaknesses of opponents.

Competition Systems

Each battle requires players to pay an entry fee, which is used to reward the winner. CryptoGladiator offers multiple game modes. Quick match battles allows players to square off against other competitors to fight instantly. Scheduled events provide daily opportunities for players to enter contests with a large number of competitors to compete for bigger prizes.

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