BlaCat, a development platform for blockchain games centered around the NEO blockchain, has announced that the Cryptower blockchain game will be released on its platform. Cryptower, which was originally designed for the Ethereum blockchain, will be utilizing the BlaCat SDK during redevelopment. Token economics are subject to change, and the game will be released “after technical docking.”

Contracts and Heroes

The game simulates a “Crypto Tower” with 24 floors. Groups of gladiators start at the first level of the tower, and fight other players as they struggle upwards to control the top floors, where the majority of the game’s battle rewards are held.

Fighting heroes are obtained by purchasing “contracts” with cryptocurrency. Weaker heroes that are bundled with “Fortune Contracts” grant the purchaser substantial dividend rights to the game’s revenue. More powerful heroes are bundled with “General Contracts” and “Battle Contracts”. These contracts grant fewer or no dividends, but the heroes themselves are more suited to fight other players and claim the game’s treasury through battle. The Cryptower team states that “contract price will slightly increase with every new purchase.”

Heroes contain certain attributes: Attack, Defense, Health, and Speed. Attributes vary, so each hero will be unique, but the “Battle Contract” heroes are the most likely to have peak fighting skills.

The Cryptower team has designed the first two floors of the tower with “a large number of battle rooms” that are stocked with weak AI defenders. These rooms allow players to gain familiarity with the game’s combat system.

BlaCat’s collaboration announcement can be viewed at the following link: