Reddit user Hitchcaster caught up with NEO co-founder Da Hongfei at the recent Shanghai community meet up, filming a 15 minute interview.

They discussed such topics as GAS prices, KYC, Chinese rumours and development. The list of questions Da answered can be found underneath the below the video.

0:26 – What do you think will be the first country to develop mainstream adoption of blockchain?

1:03 – NEO to me is basically the blockchain of China, and the only thing stopping it from being one of the top three blockchains in the world would be China. Do you think China is going to stop NEO from being successful?

1:44 – Is KYC a reason why the government doesn’t have a problem with NEO?

2:06 – Is the only way to run a consensus node to have 1000 GAS?

2:33 – Is there a financial incentive to run a consensus node?

3:10 – Is there any ballpark idea of how much you’d make running a consensus node?

3:40 – Do you have any idea if the ICO ban is temporary?

4:32 – Some people on Reddit in the past have complained about a lack of activity on GitHub. My understanding is that maybe it’s not as popular with China’s programmers. Is that true?

5:28 – How much does it cost to run a smart contract on NEO?

6:13 – Today GAS is USD$10, a little while ago it was $30 – Can you adjust the amount of GAS needed for a smart contract?

7:18 – Is there a use case of smart contracts on NEO yet?

8:19 – Red Pulse are supposed to be the first ICO on NEO. Is that still going to happen?

8:57 – There has been a lot of news about China banning the exchanges. I’ve seen news that says that they’re not banning, I’ve seen news that says that they are banning them. Do you have any info?

9:35 – A lot of investors are worried about security. Do you have any information on updates about hardware support?

10:00 – Have you heard anything about RMB tether, or RMB/NEO trading pair?

10:16 – What is going on with the NEO dApps development? I know you have a competition coming up with $135,000 in prizes.

10:46 – Do you have any idea what the price of GAS will be in relation to NEO?

11:26 – Are you going to manipulate the price by selling GAS to make it go down?

11:41 – Do you want to comment on how NEO, Onchain and DNA work together?

12:48 – Do you want to comment on what happens to the GAS generated by the 50,000,000 NEO that’s locked up by your team?

13:34 – Know Your Customer – Do you want to comment on what that is and what it’s for?

14:07 – Is Digital Identity going to replace going to a bank and getting something notarised?