DeepBrain Chain, an AI computing platform on NEO has published its weekly report for the last week of April. The report updated the community on its numerous efforts in marketing, development, and events held throughout the United States.

Dr. Wang Dongyan of the platform attended the GDIS Global Distruptive Innovation conference at the Silicon Valley computer History Museum, May 1st. Dr. Dongyan is said to have given an inspiring and informative speech on behalf of the company, and was interviewed by both Jinse Finance and Ene Finance, two major media companies in China. A translation of the interview in Chinese and English will be released soon, with distribution planned in both continents. The speeches and interviews were planned to further the awareness and exposure of DeepBrain’s platform to a targeted audience.

In addition to the conference in Silicon Valley, Dr. Dongyan also gave a speech at the AI Congress Vegas conference on May 4th. The AI Congress event was one of the largest for the artificial intelligence community, with prominent thought leaders and other industry leaders in attendance. Dr. Dongyan’s speech introduced the DeepBrain project to these leaders and other companies from around the world, stressing that they believe the project will successfully combine artificial intelligence with blockchain technology in a variety of use cases. The speech is said to have attracted strong interest from the audience.

As part of his speech, Dr. Dongyan also announced the pre-sale of DeepBrain optimized servers, which will take place over the coming weeks of May 2018. Contributors to the pre-sale will be required to join the pre-purchase plan and bid with DBC tokens. The AI servers are branded as DBC AI Mining Stations and come in a variety of price ranges and specifications. Available servers can be seen below.

DeepBrain Chain will attend more events in the future, including two YouTube live streaming events. The team will attend the Block Jakarta Blockchain Meeting on May 9th, and has livestreams organized for the 8th of May and 10th of May.

More information on DeepBrain Chain can be found at the links below.