DeepBrain Chain has published the latest installment of its bi-weekly update series. The team touched on all the progress its made to expand the DECO (decentralized ecosystem with DeepToken Exchange). Specifically, the team focused on securing new clients, developing its AI marketplace, DeepToken Exchange, and securing more providers and requesters for its AI Training Net. It’s claimed that these initiatives will help “bolster [DeepBrain Chain’s] computing powered as outlined in [their] company vision.

The report also touched on the platform’s marketing activities and the mentions it received through the media. At the start of this month, the DeepBrain team and one of the first DECO incubated projects, VisionX, an artificial intelligence chain for heavy industries, attended the GDIS 2018 event held in Silicon valley. The event bought together industry leaders to discuss the use and incubation of blockchain and AI projects, a well as cross-industry applications. Some notable guests in attendance were Tim Draper, founder of DanHua Venture Capital and Eric Ly, co-founder of Linkedin.

A highlight of the event for DeepBrain Chain was receiving the Innovation World Star Award in the category for blockchain technology.

VisionX was given the opportunity to showcase its its visual inspection technology to hundreds of attendees. DeepBrain Chain claims that the platform has “the ability to save tremendous amounts of money across multiple industries with increased accuracy and reduced cost as compared to traditional methods of visual inspection.” A video of the demo can be played here.

In a separate event held in Ulsan, South Korea, DeepBrain Chain CEO, Feng He, hosted a seminar and met with AI PhD students and professors. It’s claimed that his talk was warmly received, generating “a lot of interest and enthusiasm of the DeepBrain Chain platform to provide innovations with its cheaper computing power and decentralized AI training network.”

Capping off DeepBrain Chain’s spotlight in western media was its mention in a Forbes piece titled “The Blockchain-Enabled Intelligent IoT Economy.” The platform was included in a roundup that examines the convergence of AI, blockchain and IoT technologies.

The platform was also featured in various Korean publications after Feng Hen’s trip to the country. Translated articles can be read here on GetNews, EKN, DATANET, and NAVER.

Finally, DeepBrain Chain is hiring development engineers, security architects and other positions. The team is welcoming resumes sent to A finder’s fee of RMB 20,000 will also be given out for successful referrals.

More information on DeepBrain Chain can be found at the links below.