Distributed cloud computing platform Ankr has announced support for Neo blockchain nodes. The integration provides an easy way for developers and enterprise customers to access the Neo network and connect it to their own applications.

Ankr aims to tap into the supply of idle cloud computing power available in data centers around the world. It uses this infrastructure to deploy its own container-based environments, creating a single “Distributed Cloud Computing Network.”

Users can then tap into this system the same way they would with typical cloud service providers, where they are able to deploy supported blockchain node instances.

Ankr has integrated support for numerous protocols, allowing easy deployment of different blockchain nodes. The team also provides blockchain API services and specialized solutions for enterprise entities with staking, dApp development, and data analytics needs.

For Neo specifically, Ankr currently only offers one node option, a full node with 4 cores, 16GB RAM, and 200GB storage at the price of $129 per month. Servers can either be deployed in the UK or Singapore. Alongside credit card payments, Ankr also accepts payments in USDT tokens and its own Ethereum-based token, ANKR.