Effect.AI, a decentralized artificial intelligence platform, has announced a partnership with the Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Alliance (DAIA). The team states that DAIA consists of “an alliance of serious participants in the AI & blockchain related ecosystems, coming together to collectively solve common challenges and create an amazing future.” The alliance attempts to connect AI blockchain projects “in a democratic and decentralized way.”

The core focus of DAIA is to foster cooperation on software and hardware projects, resulting in practical tools that can benefit members of the AI community in general. Additionally, the organization will define industry standards, organize events, and provide support on matters of “common importance” that affect its community.

Other activities of DAIA are to establish strategic relationships with investment funds and not-for-profits involved in the decentralized AI sector. The alliance’s role with these stakeholders is claimed to include the “sourcing and vetting [of] investments and other operations as needed.”

A Medium article published by Effect.AI provides a brief history of the DAIA’s conception. The organization was started by two founders who are claimed to be at the “intersection of AI and blockchain.” Ben Goertzel from SingularityNET, and Toufi Saliba from AI Decentralized came together after the annual Token 2049 event held in Hong Kong last year.

The organization’s membership roster claims to be increasing alongside a maturity in its vision: “we expect DAIA to assume increasing influence, serving to amplify and focus the power of its member organizations in the blockchain and AI worlds.”

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