Endorsit, a content creation and distribution platform, has published its two bi-monthly reports for May 2019. Highlights included improvements to the voting mechanism, progress on various hardware platforms, and user group activity.

Endorsit is intended to be a decentralized content ecosystem for all types of user-created content including articles, live videos, and web courses, acting as a permanent record of content operations that can be leveraged in numerous ways. The platform aims to be neutral and community-driven, allowing its users to judge the quality of content and subsequent rewards.

Voting mechanism changes

In its most recent report, Endorsit has announced changes to its voting mechanism to encourage sharing content. The weight of the voting mechanism is no longer based on the actual amount of “likes” a user has made. Instead, the voting weight algorithm is “directly related to the personal influence of users.”

To further incentivize users to participate in the network, Endorsit is reducing the net weight of inactive users “likes,” and increasing “the proportion of publishing rewards.”

User activity rewards

To “improve the product functions and make the user experience smoother,” Endorsit has been offering reward activities for participating in a series of “internal tests.”

The team is finishing the second phase of these internal tests, and is preparing for a third phase, which will see an increase of rewards. The second phase is expected to be complete at the end of May.

Platform updates

A full list of iterative updates to the Android, iOS, web versions of the Endorsit application, can be viewed in the full via the reports below: