Flamingo’s Mint Rush event has been paused due to technical issues related to the NeoLine wallet, which became overloaded and prevented the majority of its users from being able to join in from the start of the FLM reward period.

In an announcement released by the Flamingo team, it is noted that a resolution is currently being drafted to ensure that all participants receive fair FLM distribution despite the shaky launch. A balance snapshot was taken at at 14:11:33pm UTC, block height 6,212,123, to assist with this process.

Regarding the plan, Neo co-founder Da Hongfei tweeted:

The Flamingo team has expressed that despite the issues, the Neo blockchain is functioning normally and that all assets remain secure. This includes those that are currently pending in cross-chain transfers. The NeoLine wallet team also addressed the service outage:

“The NeoLine Team is working hard to restore connection and service. We have received an overwhelming amount of network traffic following the launch of Vault. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we brought to all the Defi participants.”

The Mint Rush event will remain paused until at least 13:00 UTC on September 26th. More information will be released as soon as decisions are reached.