On February 4th, decentralized blockchain lottery platform For The Win has officially deployed NLP (NEP-5 Lottery Platform) on the NEO MainNet. The platform currently supports two games; a lottery and user-created raffles.

The first of its kind on the NEO network, NLP empowers users to operate and maintain the lottery. All interactions with the lottery are 100% automated by the smart contract itself. The team hopes their platform will “rectify the shortcomings” in traditional lotteries, where participation is limited and funds must be used for administrative costs.

Lottery Game

Users may participate in the lottery by purchasing a ticket for 1 FTX, 0.1 CNEO or 1 CGAS. They may then select 5 numbers between 1 and 39, or randomly generate numbers. There is no limit to how many tickets may be purchased.

Funds collected from ticket sales are distributed as follows:

  • 85% – Prize pool
  • 5% – Awarded to address that triggers the contract to draw the winning ticket
  • 5% – Awarded to ticket verifiers
  • 5% – Allocated to FTW for marketing and advertising

Drawings can be triggered every 12 hours. 25% of the prize pool is allocated to users that draw 5, 4, 3 or 2 matching numbers. Users that match 2, 3 or 4 ticket numbers will share that allocation with others that matched the same quantity.

There are no refunds for lottery tickets. The lottery game may be played here, and the full rules may be found here.

Raffle Game

Unlike the lottery, raffle games are created by users themselves. Players may create a raffle event with a winning prize (CNEO, CGAS or FTX), a ticket price and the number of tickets to be sold. Optionally, raffle creators may specify a passcode that must be entered when purchasing tickets.

Players may purchase tickets, allowing the raffle to be drawn when all tickets are sold. Game owners receive the ticket sales, and the raffle winner will receive the prize with a 5% system fee.

Tickets are non-refundable, and games cannot be cancelled. Raffles may be joined or created here, and the rules may be read here.