For The Win (FTW), a dApp that allows users to create and participate in NEP-5 lotteries and raffles, has released an overview of progress made in Q1 2019. FTW recently launched its NEP-5 Lottery Platform (NLP) as well as supporting API documentation.

On February 4th, NLP went live on MainNet, which is claimed to be “the first purely decentralized smart contract lottery that lets users operate and maintain the lottery over their earnings.” In addition to lotteries, the platform also allows users to participate in raffles. Since its launch, FTW reports the creation of more than 600 raffle games, over 8,400 lottery tickets sold, and more than 110 lottery draws.

The project also introduced a referral program where users receive a reward of 5% on referred lottery tickets purchases.

Lastly, FTW added API documentation for developers to interact with the lottery platform.

Integration with NEO ecosystem partners

FTW integrated with the O3 Wallet, which allowed users to log into the FTW dApp without private keys or browser extension software. Instead, users with an O3 Wallet can simply visit and connect to their wallet directly through the website.

In the following weeks, FTW also integrated with the nOS platform, which allowed users to access the games directly from within the nOS Client. Shortly after, FTW announced a weekly poker tournament via the nOS Poker app.

The tournament prize pool contains 50,000 FTX tokens and requires participants to hold 5,000 FTX tokens to participate. The FTW sponsored events take place each Tuesday at 7:00 pm (UTC), with a maximum of 45 entrants.

Looking Forward

FTW plans to test its next NLP smart contract in April, which will “allow people to create their own custom lottery with options of chances, fees, duration and more.”

Individuals with interest in beta testing the contract are encouraged to contact the FTW team.