Forthewin Network has released FTW Swap on the N3 TestNet. Accessed through the FTW website, Swap is an AMM (automated market maker) service that allows users to provide liquidity, perform token swaps, and create their own pools of NEP-17 token pairs.

To celebrate the upcoming MainNet launch of FTW Swap, pending an audit, the team is launching a Memecoin minting event on the N3 TestNet. To participate, users must mint their own memecoin using FTW Smith on TestNet, then use their coin to create a new pool on FTW Swap.

The competition demonstrates the ability for users to easily create their own liquidity pools and enable trades for any NEP-17 token on the network.

Swapping from GAS to FTW (Source: Forthewin)

100 billion NUDES tokens will be distributed across the 3 best projects, which will also receive support for launching alongside the MainNet Swap release. Projects will be rated based on their overall popularity, determined through comparison of social activity and transaction volume.

Smith and Swap are the first to be released of several milestone services planned by Forthewin. The team is also exploring crowdfunding, governance, and raffle games that would provide new utility for all tokens minted on the N3 network. The team is developing these milestones as its entry in the Polaris Launchpad.

To join the contest and get TestNet GAS, users can follow the steps laid out in the original announcement: