For The Win (FTW), has announced several cosmetic changes to the layout of its FTXChange application. The new layout effectively segments its product pages from the wallet to improve user navigation. Additionally, it also improves accessibility on desktop devices.

A comparison can be seen between the previous layout to the new layout.

Some development updates were also announced along with the cosmetic changes. The team is experimenting with CGAS and CNEO refunds, which are GAS and NEO NEP-5 equivalent tokens used in NEO smart contracts. Other updates were made to its token swap page and desktop user interface.

FTXChange is a trustless over-the-counter (OTC) trading smart contract that was deployed to the NEO TestNet last September. FTXChange intends to enable the trustless and secure exchange of tokens, thereby reducing the risks of trading tokens between individuals. By definition, OTC trades are conducted without the oversight or escrow of a third-party (such as an exchange) and are therefore more susceptible to scams and fraudulent transactions.

FTXChange is due for launch on the NEO MainNet in October.

More information on FTW can be found at the links below.