In a self-proclaimed first for the industry, GhostMarket has released cross-chain profiles on its NFT marketplace, allowing multiple addresses from each supported blockchain to be linked to one single profile. At current, other NFT marketplaces are limited to only one chain or one address per chain.

GhostMarket now allows users to link together multiple wallets, whether or not they reside on the same blockchain. This is accomplished by using each chain’s standard signing method, adding addresses to a profile by signing a message with the wallet to verify ownership.

Profile features

With the rollout of the cross-chain feature, users can now create profiles featuring usernames, avatars, custom banners, and biographies detailing themselves and their art. They can also provide links to their website and social media accounts. When a new wallet is connected to a profile, any NFTs held by that wallet will link to the owner’s profile across all chains.

With the proper user profile infrastructure in place, GhostMarket plans to focus on releasing more advanced social offerings in the coming months. Stated features include the ability to ‘like’ specific NFTs, follow an artist’s page, and an email bidding notification system. The planned features would also allow users to see the number of followers a profile has, filter according to the most liked or most followed profiles, and aggregate the ‘likes’ of all their artwork.

Example user profile. Source: GhostMarket

For users who wish to become a verified GhostMarket artist, a form will be made available to determine if the proper criteria are met. Further details are not yet available. Becoming a verified GhostMarket artist will result in a blue tick mark appearing next to the artist’s name whenever displayed, perhaps drawing additional attention to these listings. Verified artists will also obtain an ‘Artist Page’, which will look different than an unverified artist’s page.

Readers can follow updates from GhostMarket on its Twitter, Telegram and Medium accounts.

Instructions on how to create and manage a user profile can be found at the link below:

Written by Ryan Hasselbeck