GhostMarket has announced the release of its TypeScript SDK. The tool makes it easy for developers of new and existing applications to integrate with the features offered by the platform across all its supported blockchains.

With the SDK, developers can interact with the platform’s smart contracts, operate trading strategies, track events, and connect their own dApps with GhostMarket services. The team offers a common API to allow teams to interface with GhostMarket on Neo N3 as well as Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, and Phantasma.

Developers can get started with the SDK in TypeScript or JavaScript by following the usage instructions on GitHub. Methods for retrieving tokens, balance information, and collection data are standardized across all blockchains, while VM-specific helpers are provided for on-chain functions depending on the blockchain being used.

Currently, developers using the SDK and API may find themselves rate limited, depending on their usage. In the near future, GhostMarket will open applications for API keys, which will allow applications to circumvent these limits.

More information about the GhostMarket SDK can be found in the original announcement: