GhostMarket has shared its roadmap for 2024 and integrated its automatic contract discovery mechanism with the Neo blockchain. The new feature enables new NFT collections on Neo N3 to be automatically listed on the platform, simplifying adoption and market discovery.

Prior to the update, listing a new Neo NFT collection on GhostMarket required manual intervention. The new system will simplify the process of getting listed for new applications. As part of the process, GhostMarket makes the contract owner’s address visible, and recommends the owner to ensure collection details, social media links, the avatar, and royalty settings are set as desired.

The feature is one of several described in the GhostMarket roadmap for 2024. The team seeks to introduce lazy minting tools on EVM networks, attribute-based offers, and rarity rankings in Q2, followed by new social features, NFT-to-NFT trading, and a launchpad for collections in Q3. For the final quarter, a bundles feature will be explored, in addition to improved analytics and delivery of a mobile application.

However, the next major improvement will be third-party order books, which will make it possible for GhostMarket users to acquire NFTs listed on other marketplaces, such as OpenSea and LooksRare.

Several new blockchains are planned for integration in 2024. Base, an L2 network by Coinbase, was the seventh blockchain to be supported by GhostMarket with its addition to the platform in Aug. 2023. At least three more yet to be announced chains are scheduled to join the platform over the course of the year.

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