Guardian Circle recently posted a video-based project update in the form of a conversation between co-founder and CTO Chris Hayes, and community manager Patrick Takats. The brief community update included a projected timeframe for the release of Guardian Circle v3.0 and the project’s next steps.

The last Guardian Circle update took place at NEO DevCon 2019 when CEO Mark Jeffrey spoke with NEO News Today. Topics of discussion included Guardian Circle’s inclusion in the Trust Machine film documentary, involvement in The Rise of Blockchain television series, and Guardian Circle 3.0.

In April, Jeffrey participated in two podcasts: Cryptonomics and Speaking of Crypto. In the Cryptonomics appearance, the participants discussed traditional finance structures integrating cryptocurrency, open source development, and more. In his appearance on Speaking of Crypto, Jeffrey discussed the 3.0 release, iterating “quality is our number one focus.”

Hayes expects to launch the Guardian Circle 3.0 application for both iPhone and Android in late April or early May, though a hard push for an April 2019 release is currently underway.

Initially, the team expected to release the updated application in March 2019, but minimal staffing and a transition to Google Flutter have acted as speed bumps in the roadmap.

The Guardian Circle public token sale took place in March/April 2018. At the time, Hayes planned to hire more developers, but due to the downturn in the market Guardian Circle elected to tighten its belt. Hayes commented, “we were conservative in order to make the company live; we were conservative in terms of spending.” Therefore, the platform’s development became the sole responsibility of the project’s CTO.

Furthermore, the project’s transition to Google’s Flutter had a learning curve that has delayed the release of 3.0. However, a notable advantage is that once the library is up-to-date, the development team can code for Android and iOS phones simultaneously.

Once 3.0 is released, Guardian Circle has noted its intent to host a community AMA with more details to follow soon.

Looking forward, Hayes stated the team’s development goals for Summer, which entail going “full force on automated marketing mechanisms, and all kinds of ways to mine the social graphs within the [Guardian Circle] network, to grow the network.” Additionally, Guardian Circle seeks to open its API in June or July, alongside the release of documentation for developers.

Find the link to the full update below: