Guardium and 0chain have announced a strategic partnership in a Medium post, April 13th. Chris Hayes, the CTO, and co-founder of Guardium made the announcement, stating that he was introduced to Atif Yaqub, one of the co-founders of 0chain through his associates in Guardium’s Telegram channel. Atif introduced Hayes to what he called an “infrastructure play so significant that (he) believes it could be a similar shakeup to infrastructure in the vein of the shift from UNIX to Linux systems,” which sparked the idea of the partnership.

Guardium claims to be a “token for new global public safety utility,” and that it provides “an economic framework for distributed emergency response to the four billion people worldwide without government sponsored emergency response.”

In his Medium post, Hayes described 0chain as being a way to “democratize and decentralize the infrastructure and resources (Guardium) pays for on platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS),” with the benefits being “lots of redundancy that is fast and very inexpensive compared to the commercial offerings available today.”

The problems that 0chain intends to solve for Guardium are its scaling issues when dealing with a large number of users and heavy traffic. Hayes stated traditional solutions like AWS became “cost prohibitive at a large scale,” in addition to “a myriad of issues with S3 (AWS) when moving huge volumes of podcast volumes” for his former project ShoutEngine.

Hayes went on to say that with the 0chain partnership, Guardium has the option to move some of the more expensive cloud-based aspects of its business to 0chain’s open blockchain solutions that “should provide significant cost savings and additional peace of mind with high levels of redundancy.” The partnership will also explore additional areas for 0chain and Guardium/Guardian Circle to collaborate, made easier with 0chain’s partnership with the NEO council. Hayes stated that it’s “nice to keep things ‘in the family’ as Guardium is a NEO/NEP-5 token.”

Finally, Hayes remarked on the future of 0chain, thanks to its ambitious goals and distributed infrastructure:

“Given 0chain’s ambitious goals I believe that 0chain could be among the players that eventually supplant services like AWS/Heroku/Azure and make them the Sun/SGI/DEC of tomorrow. While I love my AWS solutions right now (like I did my Sun servers years ago), 0chain may mark the beginning of a new paradigm in a distributed infrastructure.”