Gunbot users will soon be eligible to receive additional rewards in Nash’s ongoing beta liquidity mining program. A pool of 100,000 GUNTHY tokens are on offer to those who use the Gunbot application to trade on Nash starting on October 8th. In addition to the GUNTHY rewards, participants will also be eligible to receive a share of the 100,000 NEX already on offer from Nash.

Gunbot is an automated trading bot that executes trades across various exchanges on behalf of subscribers. Users can select from pre-set trade strategies which are customizable by over 150 different settings. Gunbot users must hold varying amounts of the ERC-20 GUNTHY token to maintain their license plan.

The Nash beta liquidity mining program launched on October 1st and is distributing 20,000 NEX weekly to volume contributors. To be eligible for rewards, users must maintain an average volume of US $10,000 per day over each week, with a minimum of four days above US $10,000.

So far, it appears to have driven an increase in 24-hour trading volume on the non-custodial exchange.


Gunbot users can configure in the exchange section of their application, and will not need to purchase an additional exchange slot in their license. The minimum trading volumes required to receive NEX rewards also apply to GUNTHY tokens.

Trading via Gunbot will become eligible for rewards beginning 12:00 am (UTC) on Thursday, October 8th and last for four weeks.

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