HashPuppies, the NEO equivalent of Ethereum’s CryptoKitties, has recently announced their community rewards program. HashPuppies is being developed by Splyse, a company that was formed by Joe Stewart and Shane Mann after they won first prize in the inaugural City of Zion dApp competition for their NEO Smart IoT application.

Whilst the HashPuppies project may seem like a tongue in cheek response to CryptoKitties, the Splyse team are very serious in their efforts to build a high quality blockchain gaming application that showcases all that NEO has to offer.

Splyse has stated on the HashPuppies website:

Rather than rush to launch a “ponzi-with-pictures” cash grab on Neo, we’ve decided to build an actual game with interactive graphical gameplay. Neo is a different platform than Ethereum, and we want to demonstrate its advantages and show that blockchain gaming has real potential in the long run.

Splyse even decided against holding a token sale, and instead airdropped 46,023 RHT tokens to NEO addresses that sent or received NEO (not GAS or other assets/tokens) during the time period of December 8, 2017 00:00:00 UTC through December 24, 2017 23:59:59 UTC and had a final balance of between 1 and 99 NEO. A total of 60,000 RHT tokens were minted, with the remaining 13,977 tokens reserved for additional community and team rewards.

Joe Stewart showed a preview of HashPuppies game animation during his DevCon presentation, which can be seen in the following tweet.

On January 31st, details of the community rewards program were released, allowing community members to earn RHT tokens in multiple different ways.

The HashPuppies team will release monthly Easter egg hunts that will require community members to solve a technical puzzle to earn RHT. People will also have the option to earn RHT by joining specialized contribution groups including feedback groups, content creators, code contributors, artists, moderators and translators.

You can view the full announcement with all contribution options here and join the HashPuppies Discord channel here.