Humswap will enable users to burn Bao envelopes to mint themselves one of three types of Lucky Tiger NFTs. Bao envelopes, which were distributed to BOWL holders following a snapshot of the blockchain taken Feb. 1, are intended to be utilized in the minting of Lucky Tigers. The feature to burn the Bao’s is set to go live on Feb. 19 at 03:00 a.m. UTC.

A sample NFT from the Lucky Tiger collection (source)

The Lucky Tigers are minted with a special original minter royalty, enabling the original owner of any specific Tiger to receive 40% of all royalties from the sale of that Tiger in perpetuity. This is a permanent feature written directly into the smart contract.

The tigers come in one of three different types: Lucky, Lucky White, and Lucky Golden. They can be minted in one of three different ways, each requiring a different number of Bao envelopes, which themselves come in six different colors.

The 6 Types of Bao Envelopes (source)

The rarest of tigers, Lucky Golden, can be minted with only two Bao envelopes, provided that one of them is the color Gold. This color envelope is quite uncommon, as they were only distributed to holders of a BOWL containing the ‘rare’ attribute. Owners of Lucky Golden Tiger NFTs will receive a special reward in the future, as well as obtain access to Humswap’s Chinese New Year’s airdrop in 2023. In addition, as the result of Humswap’s collaboration with Neo Global Development, all Lucky Golden Tiger owners will also be airdropped a Neoverse blind box.

Holders of any three Bao envelopes can burn them to mint a tiger, with a low likelihood of resulting in a Lucky White and an even lower likelihood of a Lucky Golden tiger. For holders of one of every color envelope minus Gold, a greater chance of minting a rare tiger can be obtained. When a Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple Bao are burned, the Lucky White and Lucky Golden tigers, while still uncommon, are much easier to mint compared to the three-envelope combination.

The full details of Lucky Tigers can be found at the link below. Readers can follow Humswap’s Twitter account to stay up to date with the project. For users who missed the Bao airdrop, envelopes can be found on sale on GhostMarket. At the time of writing, there are over 5,000 Bao envelopes in circulation, with some listed for as little as 3 GAS.