Imusify, a NEO blockchain-based music platform, has announced a song writing contest that will offer participants the chance to win 20 SBD and 1,000 IMU tokens.

Imusify is aiming to create a smart economy for music through engagements between its users and stakeholders, such as purchases, streams, downloads, shares and likes, whilst providing artists inalienable rights to their music.

The song writing contest calls for participants to, “Think about what makes you most excited about imusify, and why. Turn these thoughts into lyrics and add a nice tune to it. Be creative, this could be anything! From Phoebe’s Smelly Cat to McDonald’s Big Mac Jingle.”

Entrants are required to upload the video recording to YouTube, Vimeo or dTube and post on Steemit using the #imusify tag.

Entries close June 25th.

For full competition details, visit the link below:

More information on Imusify can be found at the below links.