On October 30th, 2019, the imusify token (IMU) listed on the Switcheo non-custodial exchange, with a NEO/IMU trading pair. An IMU trading competition will also run from October 30th through November 13th on the Switcheo platform.

imusify is a decentralized music-sharing platform that won second place in the first COZ dApp competition held in November 2017. In a previous conversation with Neo News Today, imusify CEO, David Walters said the platform aims to ”integrate the best practices of copyright management, crowdfunding, streaming, media sharing, sync licensing, concert ticketing and social networking; in which the artist, fans, industry professionals and other stakeholders can directly interact entirely peer-to-peer within a decentralized marketplace, governed by smart contracts.”

In its token listing announcement, imusify states IMU is used to reward artists on a per-stream basis, users for curating and contributing to content, crowdfunding music projects, and exchanging value between service providers and creators.

IMU Trading Competition

The trading competition is scheduled to run from October 30th through November 13th, with a prize pool consisting of 400,000 IMU tokens.

Winners are chosen based on total trading volume with the IMU/NEO pair. Only orders fulfilled during the two-week event will count toward the total trading volume. Additionally, participants that trade a minimum of 20 NEO on the IMU/NEO trading pairs during the two-week event automatically enter into a lucky draw raffle.


  • First place: 100,000 IMU
  • Second place: 65,000 IMU
  • Third place: 35,000 IMU
  • 4th – 10th place: 20,000 IMU each
  • 10 lucky draw winners: 6,000 IMU each

Winners can expect to be contacted within ten days of the conclusion of the trading competition.

To participate in the Switcheo trading competition, interested parties will need to register at the following link:

Switcheo states it “reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition or competition rules at our sole discretion.”

The rules for the Switcheo trading competition can be found at the link below: