Imusify has opened the KYC process for its IMU token sale. Imusify is aiming to create a smart economy for music through engagements such as purchases, streams, downloads, shares and likes, whilst providing artists inalienable rights to their music.

Users can visit the token sale portal on the Imusify website to complete the KYC process. Participants will need to upload required documentation and a short ‘liveness check’ video, which will be encrypted and passed onto KYC provided BASIS ID for verification.

The Imusify pre-sale will begin on August first, with 10% (100,000,000) of the total IMU token supply being sold at a 30% discount for $0.035 each. The public token sale will begin on September 1st, featuring a 12% discount that diminishes by 3% over five phases, ending with the full token price of $0.05 in the final phase on September 24th. 35% of the total IMU supply (350,000,000) will be available during the public token sale phases.

Imusify won second place in the first City of Zion dApp competition and has an MVP platform available at which is currently running on the NEO TestNet. The MVP includes basic features such as the ability to upload and curate music.

Imusify aims to evolve to include several protocol layers for digital assets, digital identities, and smart contracts. A digital rights management layer will exist separately to the NEO blockchain, allowing for more flexibility for artists and other users.

Users can take part in to the Imusify KYC process at the link below:

More information on Imusify can be found at the following links.