Jarvis+, a decentralized conversation-as-a-service platform, recently announced a partnership with TrueChain, a smart contract blockchain platform. As part of the partnership, TrueChain is using Jarvis+’s Intelligent Community Platform (ICP) for a Telegram bounty campaign that is currently underway.

The ICP utilizes Jarvis+’s artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing, and knowledge graph to assist “blockchain communities, [by] greatly reducing the community’s creation, dissemination, growth, and management workloads.”

According to Tory Xu, a contributor to the Jarvis+ project, this is just one example of how the two entities will coordinate with one another in the partnership. Xu told NEO News Today via email the “Telegram campaign is a good ‘UI’ to showcase [as to] how ICP empowers the community economy for any projects.”

Xu also iterated Jarvis+ is coordinating with other projects that are using the ICP to grow, manage, and operate within their social media communities. Further, the team is currently welcoming other partnerships to offer similar services.